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We believe in helping you achieve your true purpose with the power of digital,
Your purpose, is ours





Yaku Labs is the brainchild of two friends who wanted to take a different approach to developing ideas and innovation while helping organisations and people unlock their true value in the new digital reality.


We believe, True Value + Innovation = Better Lives

What we do

We are split between developing our own innovative new product (40%) and providing consultancy services to organisations (60%). Both of these arms are all about giving people true value in the digital age.

With our consultancy, we help organisations to Launch, Grow and Transform. With our first product we are hoping to help everyone achieve their dreams.

Matthew Warnock-Parkes

Having worked in the field of digital transformation, finance and music production for over 15 years, Matt has been around the block a bit.

Leading on organisation wide Digital Transformation Programs, cultural change, developing digital platforms, websites, building automation programs, coding, performing CRM migrations, customer care platforms, writing strategies, developing financial and e-commerce solutions. Matt believes in people, and their true potential, he see’s tech as a way to empower them and let the real creative ingenuity thrive.


He is nevertheless always looking to future trends, A keen digital strategist he can always be found right in the the thick of things. Never expect him to shut up when it comes to new ideas.


See work we’ve done, helping brands make their digital dreams come true.

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